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Discover the Precision of Vater VH5AW Drum Sticks

At AAA Band Rentals, we understand the importance of having the right tools for every musician. That’s why we offer the Vater VH5AW Drum Sticks, tailored for drummers who demand both quality and versatility. Ideal for various playing styles and kits, whether you’re on an acoustic, electronic, or auxiliary percussion set, these sticks ensure a seamless experience.

The VH5AW model boasts a well-balanced 5A design, with a heavier tip that promises responsive and lively drumming. Crafted from premium hickory and featuring a wood acorn tip, these sticks strike the perfect balance between durability and playability.

Key Features of the Vater VH5AW Drum Sticks:

•Size: 5A with a 16 3/4” length for comfortable handling.

•Wood Acorn Tip: Delivers a rich, full-bodied sound.

•Material: Hickory, known for its resilience and responsiveness.

•Compatibility: Perfect for acoustic, electronic, and auxiliary percussion kits.

Experience the difference with Vater VH5AW Drum Sticks, available at AAA Band Rentals. Elevate your drumming with tools designed for the modern musician.

Vater Los Angeles 5A Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks Pair.

$16.25 Regular Price
$8.99Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
Get one pair per month sent to you, and never be without!
$7.64every month until canceled


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