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About Us

Music Class

Welcome to AAA Band Rentals, a full-service school music dealer in Fairfield County, Connecticut -- family-owned since 1979! Our primary focus is to provide to students, parents, and music educators with their school music programs.

We rent and sell band and orchestra instruments and all of their associated music books and accessories. We also provide repair services through our in-house, full-service repair facility staffed with top-notch, degreed repair technicians. Whether your school is looking to have its entire fleet of instruments professionally maintained or your student is looking to have their instrument cleaned or repaired, we are fully capable and happy to serve you. 

Our policy has always been to provide the best, honest advice and top-quality products and services to our customers. Through our retail store and a team of school service representatives, our company is able to offer a competitive, full-service solution to music educators and student musicians.

our team

Our Team

Mike Jr,

CEO/ Owner

Mike spearheads daily operations, ensuring seamless workflows and optimal performance. He is the driving force behind client and customer acquisition, fostering solid relationships built on trust and mutual respect. With an unwavering passion for music education, Mike is dedicated to guiding young musicians as they embark on their transformative musical adventures.

Mike Jr.


Head of HR & Accounting

Oversees the comprehensive management of payroll and employee benefits, ensuring timely and accurate disbursements. Additionally, they are entrusted with the meticulous oversight of all financial reporting and the diligent handling of accounts payable.


Mike Sr,

Head of Billing

Mike, with decades of expertise as a customer service specialist, is the cornerstone of our team. His profound knowledge and unwavering dedication shine through as he manages all customer accounts and receivables. Having been an integral part of the business since 1979, Mike's invaluable insights and wisdom have been pivotal in shaping and guiding our company's trajectory. His contributions are immeasurable and deeply cherished.

Mike Sr


Head of Operations

Directs both software and website development processes, ensuring top-notch quality and functionality. Additionally, they excel in customer service management and foster strong ties with affiliate partners to enhance collaboration and growth.



Senior Repair Technician

Ricky, a degreed professional with a deep commitment to his craft, oversees the meticulous cleaning and repair of all incoming band instruments, catering to both rental and non-rental accounts. His keen attention to detail ensures that every instrument he touches is restored to its prime condition. If your instrument has been gathering dust, entrust it to Ricky's expert hands and reignite your passion for playing!



Head of Cutesville

Winter, our enchanting Siberian Husky, exudes a serene and affable aura. As the heart of our store, he effortlessly forms bonds with young visitors, elevating their experience with his endearing presence. Beyond being our beloved pet, Winter reigns as the undisputed ambassador of charm and warmth in our workplace.

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