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Music Instrument Assurance

Rental Assurance for Our Musical Instruments

If you decide to rent one of our many musical instruments, our Rental Assurance program is highly recommended. For just an additional $7 per month, we provide you with a waiver of liability just in case your rental instrument gets damaged. If damage occurs (within reason), you will not be responsible for the cost to replace the instrument. You also won’t be liable to pay for any repair costs or deductibles for the musical instruments.

Please note that you will be liable for any replacement parts or accessories that come with the instrument if they’re deemed no longer repairable or if they are missing. For example, broken violin or viola strings are your responsibility to replace. All non-disposable accessories must be returned, including strings, mouthpieces, and everything that came with your percussion rental, such as drumsticks. Disposable items do not need to be returned, which may include rosin strings, valve oil, polishing cloths, reeds, or cleaning swabs. Contact AAA Band Rentals today to find out more about our Rental Assurance program.

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