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About the Horn:

Unveil the magic of history and craftsmanship as you lay your eyes on this pristine Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone from 1938. Boasting serial #27088, this is not just a saxophone; it's a journey back in time, a tangible piece of musical legacy.


Restoration with Passion:

The professionals at AAA Band Rentals, renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, have breathed new life into this saxophone. Every pad, cork, and spring has been replaced to make sure this horn sings as beautifully as it did in 1938. What's more? The pads have been refitted with period-correct metal resonators to preserve its authentic sound and heritage.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, we've used only genuine cork and the most durable Blue Needle springs. The result? A saxophone that plays to perfection.


The Horn's Appearance:

While it appears the saxophone might have undergone re-lacquering in its long history, the process was done with such care that it left the instrument's original engraving and integrity largely untouched. The serial number and the beautiful engraving remain clear and legible, as can be witnessed in the provided photographs.



But this saxophone is not just about looks. It has been play-tested rigorously by our in-house woodwind maestros, ensuring it's not only in perfect working condition but also that it delivers the smooth, rich sound that Selmer saxophones from this era are celebrated for.


The Case:

To match the grandeur of this saxophone, the case, too, is in exceptional shape. As the photographs suggest, it's not just a protective case but a testament to its era.

Dive into a symphony of history, craftsmanship, and unparalleled sound. Acquire not just a saxophone but a piece of music's golden era. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a treasure worth every penny! Contact us now to experience the magic firsthand! 🎷🎶

Tenor Saxophone, Selmer Paris (Balanced Action) (Year 1938)

SKU: 27088
$10,500.00 Regular Price
$9,500.00Sale Price


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