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Woodwind Care Guide For Beginners

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

When placing your instrument back into its case, make sure it fits all the correct indentations. Please do not force your case closed, as it probably means the instrument isn't in right.

  • Remove the neck strap from your instrument before putting it in its case.

  • Always use an end plug when storing the alto or tenor saxophone.

  • Never lift your instrument up by the keys. Also, be careful not to bend keys while assembling your instrument.

  • Avoid eating, drinking sugary liquids, or chewing gum immediately prior to playing your instrument. Your sticky saliva with build-up on the inside of your instrument! "Brushing your teeth twice daily can also greatly reduce the amount of buildup inside your instrument too!"

  • Internal moisture can cause cracks or mildew. Always pull a clean, dry swab through your instrument to remove any moisture prior to storage.

  • Carefully wipe keypads of moisture before storage, careful not to get hung up on any needle springs, corks, or felts!

  • Apply a minimal amount of cork grease to cork joints when needed by rubbing a small dab of grease into the cork and wiping off the excess!

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