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How To Determine The Correct Size For Violins and Violas

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

For a parent, determining the size violin or viola your child needs to rent can be made easy with our string instrument chart. Sizing can be approximated using the chart below. Using a yardstick or tape measure, have the child stretch their left arm straight out to the side with their palm flat and pointing up. Measure from their neck to the middle of their palm. Consult the sizing chart below to see what size violin or viola best corresponds to their arm measurement. If the child is an in-between size, it is usually best to choose the smaller size. With our easy exchanges, swapping up to the next size at any point is quick and easy! To rent a quality violin or viola, simply click here! NEW FEATURE ON OUR RENTAL PAGE!!!

If you don't know what size instrument your child needs, NO PROBLEM! Hit the button that says

Simply measure your child's arm from neck to palm and our site will find your perfect fit!

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