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Back to School and Back to Music in 2020

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

It'll be a very different start to the school year this year for students playing an instrument. Indeed, the same can be said for teachers. The challenges are many, but with a little extra care and proper maintenance of your instrument, we can still look forward to a fun and safe band and orchestra season! If you're not exactly sure what can and should be done to stay safe and to keep your instrument in top playing condition, we've created this "How To" guide!

We invite you to dig in a little farther. Hopefully, if you played in band or orchestra last year, you've made the most of your "downtime" during this pandemic and have practiced your instrument! Maybe you or your child are just thinking about beginning a musical journey? Either way, as we head back into school, we've assembled some suggested practices to help keep you safe and your instrument well-cleaned and maintained! So, read on.

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