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Violin 1/2

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Let's start by searching for your account. Please provide the email address you previously used with us, then click "Search". We'll send you a verification code via SMS to verify your account, so make sure to have your phone handy!

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We pride ourselves on having the simplest rental program out there. If you have a Netflix subscription, then you already know how this works:

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You pay $28.00 (+tax)

And so on...

You pay $28.00 (+tax)


You pay $28.00 (+tax)

(plus anything you add to your order in the next few steps)

It's a simple "pay as you go" rental plan where you make monthly payments for as long as you keep your instrument. You are never locked into a rental term longer than 1 month, and you won't be penalized for returning your instrument too early or too late because there is no due date. Simple!

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