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Returning Customers

Let's start by searching for your account. Please provide the email address you previously used with us, then click "Search". We'll send you a verification code via SMS to verify your account, so make sure to have your phone handy!

New Customers

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We pride ourselves on having the simplest rental program out there. If you have a Netflix subscription, then you already know how this works:

Next Month

You pay $28.00 (+tax)

And so on...

You pay $28.00 (+tax)


You pay $28.00 (+tax)

(plus anything you add to your order in the next few steps)

It's a simple "pay as you go" rental plan where you make monthly payments for as long as you keep your instrument. You are never locked into a rental term longer than 1 month, and you won't be penalized for returning your instrument too early or too late because there is no due date. Simple!

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We use email and SMS to send you important and/or time-sensitive notifications regarding your account, updates on your order(s), responses to your inquiries, and verification codes to verify your identity. Occasionally, we may email you regarding promotions and/or special sales events, but you will be able to opt out of those at any time.

Let's start with the basics. Tell us a little about yourself.


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Now tell us about the player.


School District


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Your rental already comes with some essentials, but you'll also need a book and a few accessories.

Your music teacher requires all students to purchase/bring the following book and accessories to class with them.

Please add them to your order now.

What's this?

Your teacher has contacted us and specified exactly which book(s) and accessories they require their students to purchase along with their instrument. Based on the instrument you are renting and school your child goes to, we are able to show you exactly what those requirements are.

Note: While we try our best to offer an all-in-one service for our customers, you are not obligated to purchase these items from us. If you would rather buy from Amazon or another vendor, you can certainly do so. Just make sure to do it right away so your child doesn't show up to class unprepared!

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How about some peace of mind?

Your instrument is worth anywhere between $500-$3000 and you will be liable for the full replacement cost if your child breaks the instrument. This is never a fun situation to be in. That's why we offer "Rental Assurance".

For an additional $8.50 per month, we offer a waiver of liability for you in case you damage your rental instrument. You won't ever have to pay any repair costs or deductibles. However, you will still be liable for the following:​

Missing Parts
Missing / Broken Strings
Loss of instrument due to misplacement or theft

Yes - Add Rental Assurance
Yes - Add Rental Assurance
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Musical Instrument Rental

How would you like to receive your order?

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Delivery time: September 1, 2024

(once school starts)

Deliver to School

We'll deliver your instrument and any accessories you ordered directly to your school's music room or main office. Everything will be labeled with your child's name and grade to make it easily identifiable, and we'll send status updates via SMS to you are kept in the loop regarding your order.


*We will try our best to deliver your instrument to your school within a reasonable time frame. We will notify you when your instrument is scheduled to be delivered and confirm once it has.

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Make sure everything is correct before proceeding to the payment screen.

One last step...

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Student Information

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<Street Address>

<City, State, Zip Code>

Please make sure your phone number and email are correct
We will email you receipts and send you status updates for your order to your phone via SMS texts. 

<Phone Number>

<Email Address>

<First Name> <Last Name>

<School Name>



I have read and agree to the terms of this rental.

I understand I will be billed monthly until I return my instrument.

I understand that my school is not a party to this contract. As long as my account is active, it is my responsibility to ensure the safe return of my instrument back to AAA Band Rentals or one of their affiliate stores.

I consent to receiving emails and SMS from AAA Band Rentals, LLC. for important and/or time-sensitive notifications regarding my account, updates on my order(s), responses to my inquiries, and verification codes to verify my identity.

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Finalizing your order...

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That's all for now.

Please keep an eye on your email inbox for a confirmation email for your rental. We'll be in touch soon when your instrument is ready!

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