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Bb Clarinet with Grenadilla Body, Barrel, and Bell, Silver-plated Keys, 4CM Mouthpiece, and Case


The 650 is an excellent alternative for those who are serious about their clarinet performance but need to watch their budget. The specifications of its bell, barrel, toneholes and other features are very close to those of the Custom SEV model, so its sound is warm, round, and deeply resonant. Made of carefully select and seasoned Grenadilla wood and boasting an enormous amount of handcrafting and hand finishing, the 650 features tapered toneholes that are undercut by hand for precise intonation and superior tonal balance. It also features beautifully sculpted keys whose touch has been regulated by master artisans for perfect balance.

Yamaha YCL-650 Professional Bb Clarinet with Silver-plated Keys

SKU: YCL-650


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