Snark's advanced model ST-8HZ Super Tight chromatic tuner is a standout in the world of small, clip-on tuners. The ST-8HZ is a vibration-sensing tuner, letting you tune during a live show without the worry of interference from outside noise. The bright, easy-to-read, rotating color display makes it easy to see when you have hit the sweet spot on each note of whatever instrument you are tuning. With the HZ-tuning feature, you can tune your instrument using the familiar color needles, then push the Hz button on the back to fine-tune down to the Hertz, giving your performance that extra something. This tuner has become a favorite among instrumentalists here at AAA Band Rentals.


Snark ST-8 HZ Clip-on Tuner Features:

  • Super accurate, chromatic clip-on tuner with Hertz-tuning mode
  • Vibration-sensing allows you to tune during live shows without interference
  • Easy-to-read, rotating color display makes it easy to see when you've hit the sweet spot on each note
  • Rubber-padded, spring-loaded clip securely attaches to your instrument or music stand.
  • Pitch can be calibrated from 415 to 466Hz






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