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Genuine wood marimba sound and feel.

The Majestic 4.3 Octave Marimba with Padauk Bars features a concert leg system with hand cranks mounted within easy reach for effortless height adjustment. The padauk wood bars offer a warm, natural tone while the offset arch resonators and strong, graceful frame make this marimba an elegant, professional-looking instrument.


  • Model: M6543D
  • Range: 4.3 octaves (A2-C7)
  • Bars: Padauk
  • Graduations: 5 (2.5" to 1.5" bar widths)
  • Resonators: Travelite
  • Length: 88.53"
  • Width: 35.10"
  • Height: Crank adjustable (35.10" to 44.85" range)
  • Weight: 190lb.

A beautiful, concert-quality marimba any percussionist will be proud to play.  Extremely well-made, height-adjustable stand with locking wheels.  Comes with a cover and two pr. of mallets.

Majestic 4.3-Octave Deluxe Series Marimba with Padauk Bars

SKU: M6543D
$5,675.00 Regular Price
$3,434.99Sale Price


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