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Trombone Rental Guide

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

If your child chooses to be in the band, renting an instrument is the most economical option for parents. Our excellent rental program comes with a host of benefits and perks, but it also takes away a significant up-front payment's financial barrier.

The Trombone is a super fun instrument for beginning band students to learn! We’re here to help you with everything needed to rent a Trombone online. Our website makes it super quick and easy and gives you a choice to pick it up in-store or have us deliver to your child's school or even your home! All of the most frequently requested accessories (slide cream. oil, a mouthpiece brush, or cleaning snakes) are available for purchase on our website and can also be delivered or picked up with your instrument.

Why should you rent vs. buy a low-cost Trombone online?

There is no guarantee the Trombone will be right for your child. Renting allows you to play at a minimum of expense. Maybe the best part is that it enables your child to change instruments if something else seems like a better fit. Need another good reason to rent? The rented Trombone will bear the wear-and-tear that goes hand-in-hand with learning how to maintain and handle an instrument. Our rental program will help keep your child's instrument in top playing condition. Should anything go wrong while renting, our program covers all basic maintenance and repair!

"Rental Assurance Plan"

Our optional Assurance Plan provides you with the resources to keep the Trombone playing its best, as well as assist with a replacement if it’s destroyed or stolen.

Many of our competitor's rental plans offer a "Rent-to-Own option." We have opted to run our company a bit differently, and we think once you understand why you will agree that it's a much better plan.

Every company's rent-to-own is based on a percentage of your rental money going toward the eventual purchase of the instrument you've been renting. However, the purchase price is calculated at the full manufacturer's suggested Retail Price! With our plan, you can rent for as long as you like. When you're ready to buy, our pricing on new and used instruments is among the country's most competitive. We believe this is a more fair and transparent way to run our business and benefit our customers in almost every circumstance!

Exchange or Return Options

Children have been known to change their minds, so our rental program lets you return or exchange your rental anytime.

Repair and Adjustments

The last thing your child's teacher wants is to have a student sitting in a band or orchestra class without an instrument. So, unlike most of our competitors, we offer a loaner instrument in case yours needs repair. The turnaround on repairs is typically just a few days!

Care Tips for your Rented Trombone

For important guidelines for taking care of the Trombone and keeping it in great shape, we strongly recommend you take a moment to view our YouTube Channel. It's filled with how-to and maintenance videos to help you get started and to maintain your instrument!

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