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Saxophone Rentals

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Get the Facts About our Sax Rentals

Many children choose to learn how to play the Saxophone as part of their well-rounded and creative curriculum. If you’re looking for and researching saxophone rentals, alto, tenor, or even baritone saxophone rentals, be sure to check out the selection at AAA Band Rentals today. Before you start the rental process, there are a few essential things to know. We invite you to read on to get the facts about our sax rentals so you can prepare for an amazing school year.

​· Our alto sax rentals are part of our Group B instruments. This means you can rent your alto saxophone for as little as just $35 per month.

· A tenor saxophone rental is a Group C instrument costing $55.00 per month to rent.

· We rent only high-quality student-level instruments from manufacturers that have received national recognition from teachers and players alike! Brands like Yamaha, Jupiter, P. Mauriat, and Selmer

· There’s no time limit for how long you can keep your rental. Since we charge in monthly increments, you can hang onto your sax until you no longer need it. When you’re done, simply return it to us at one of our locations. Please note that sales tax will be added to your rental payments.

· AAA Band Rentals also offers other woodwinds, percussion, orchestral strings, and brass instruments, including trumpets, trombones, French horns, drum kits, flutes, clarinets, and more.

· If you need help choosing the right rental or accessories, please get in touch with us or chat with one of our knowledgeable, live representatives.

· Ask about our Rental Assurance plan, which covers most issues, including damage. If your instrument needs maintenance, please note that it must be performed by one of our approved technicians only. The renter must replace all broken strings, even with the Rental Assurance.

· Keep in mind that some normal wear and tear to the saxophone case is acceptable. However, if the case is completely crushed or destroyed, you will be responsible for replacing it.

· If you’re looking for easy saxophone rentals, AAA Band Rentals is the place to go, so get in touch with us today! Follow this link to start the very simple process today!

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