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Important things to Consider when Renting a Musical Instrument.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Be aware of "Teaser, Trial, or Introductory Rates"

Many rental companies entice customers to their rental programs by offering 3 or 4 month introductory or "trial" rates or rental terms less than a school year. The renewal rates mid-year or after their special "Trial Period" can dramatically increase. So, what started as an attractive introductory rate suddenly jumps to an expensive monthly payment that ends up costing hundreds or sometimes thousands more!

Our simple, monthly rental program offers a steady, transparent, flat-rate price. You also receive a quality, brand-name, teacher-approved band instrument and new or like-new string instrument with free, easy size upgrades!

Instrument Quality

What brand, make, or model instrument will you receive? Many rental companies will rent "no-name" or cheap quality instruments.

AAA Band Rentals only rents instruments that truly are "educator-approved". Only a few brands have received universal recognition of quality – Yamaha, Jupiter, Conn-Selmer and Eastman, and Knilling are among those few. We suggest you check with your child's music teacher to learn which brands to avoid.

For over 40 years, we have built an impeccable reputation and have maintained direct relationships with teachers within the schools we provide our services. We are thoroughly committed to only providing instruments that are universally accepted as high-quality, great playing instruments. Every instrument goes through rigorous and exacting maintenance, disinfection and preparation before being sent out on rental. During the pandemic we’ve gone to even greater lengths to ensure that every instrument that leaves our facility is triple checked for cleanliness and disinfection!

Damage Protection

With lots of kids on a tight stage together, the likelihood of an instrument falling, getting bumped, or knocked over is tremendously high.

At AAA Band Rentals, our optional damage protection covers your rented instrument from almost every eventuality.


Students often have a deep passion for music but might be undecided which particular instrument is right for them. Our rental program has the flexibility to move into different instruments with no fees when switching between similarly priced instruments.

Who is the actual rental company?

Since 1979, AAA Band Rentals has provided quality music instrument rentals, outstanding repair services, and discounted sale prices. When you've decided to rent from us, you're renting from a company that is deeply rooted and firmly committed to the success of your child's music education! – you'll never be treated like a number by a phone operator or answering service. Each of our employees is wholly committed to providing the best customer experience you've ever had!

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