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Music, a lifelong endeavor and passionate pursuit!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Becoming “proficient” on any instrument takes time, countless hours of practice, and dedication. The better you get, the more you realize you have to learn. Renting a well-setup instrument is an excellent way to give it a try without the enormous expense of buying one, or making the mistake of buying a cheap, poorly set up, nasty-sounding “toy-like” instrument.

I’m the owner of AAA Band Rentals, and I’ve spent the last 30+ years helping people get started on their musical journey. The question I’m often asked is, “what instrument is the easiest to learn?” My answer is always, “They’re all difficult, and each has its own unique set of challenges!” However, nothing (at least in my experience) is more gratifying than to achieve some level of fluency or proficiency! The best instrument to choose is the one that sparks an interest or passion!

So, if you’re starting to play or deciding to pick it up again after any length hiatus, give it time and be patient! It’s worth it! In all my time in the music industry, I’ve never met anyone who was glad they quit as a younger person. Every person who had stopped playing as a younger person wished they had continued with their studies. After all, music is a lifelong endeavor and passionate pursuit. It’s for yourself and to be shared. It feeds the soul!

If you’re ever in the Connecticut, Tri-State area, stop in and see us. We love to talk about music!

Here are a couple of well-done videos that may just help your child decide which instrument to play.

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