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Interested in the Baritone Horn

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Talk to almost any band director at any school, and they'll be super excited to hear that your child might be interested in playing the Baritone horn or Euphonium. (A Baritone Horn is often mistaken for the euphonium, but the euphonium has a narrower bore and three, rather than four or five, valves.) A brass instrument is a bit like the trumpet, but quite a bit larger and has a deeper, more mellow sound. It is a member of the brass family and is considered a "middle voice" instrument, as it sits between the trumpet and the trombone in terms of pitch. The differences in the tone quality are because the baritone/euphonium is a conical bore instrument, whereas the trombone is a cylindrical bore. (Generally speaking, the trombone will have a brighter tone than the baritone/euphonium.)

A Jupiter brand Bartone Horn
The baritone horn

A baritone horn is played by buzzing your lips into a cup-shaped mouthpiece and pressing down on valves to change the pitch. It is typically played in concert, marching, and brass bands and is often used to play melodies and harmonies.

The baritone horn can be an excellent option for a young player because it is not as high-pitched as a trumpet or as low-pitched as a trombone. This can make it a little easier for younger students to learn and play. Additionally, because it has a mellow sound, it can be a fun instrument to play in various types of music.

If you're looking to rent a baritone horn in Fairfield County, Connecticut, look no further than AAA Band Rentals in Norwalk!

We understand the importance of having a high-quality instrument when learning to play an instrument, which is why we offer top-of-the-line Yamaha, Bach, and Jupiter baritone horns for rent. Our instruments are well-maintained and in excellent condition, ensuring you have the best possible experience while playing. We have larger footprint baritone horns and smaller footprint baritones available. We suggest you ask your teacher if they have a preference. If your child is on the smaller side, the smaller footprint horn may be a great choice as it'll be a bit more manageable to carry and play!

In addition to our top-notch rental instruments, we also offer free delivery to most Fairfield County schools (both public and private), making it easy and convenient for you to get your hands on a great instrument.

AAA Band Rentals delivery van.
Our delivery van can be seen making trips to local schools all over Fairfield County

But our services don't stop there! We also offer Fairfield County's #1 repair facility, so you can rest assured that your instrument will be well cared for. Whether you need a quick tune-up or a more extensive repair, our team of experts will work to get your instrument back to top playing condition in no time.

At AAA Band Rentals, we are committed to providing our customers with the best service and instruments possible. So, if you need a baritone horn rental in Fairfield County, Connecticut, be sure to give us a call or stop by our store in Norwalk. You won't be disappointed!

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