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The JHR1110 double horn possesses the tonal color and transparency well-suited for any performance. The Geyer wrap reduces resistance and helps produce remarkable volume. With its many professional features, the JHR1100 will take students through their collegiate education.




Rich 11.88-inch brass bell

The Jupiter JHR1100 includes an 11.88-inch brass bell, yielding a warm, colorful sound and undeniable sonic presence. This horn tackles mellow, soft passages and brassy, loud passages with equal assurance. It sounds incredible in all registers, with a secure high register, robust projection, snappy attack from its Bb horn, and a warm, warm timbre from its F horn. Beyond that, the JHR1100 is equipped with a clear-lacquered finish, which brings a delicate warmth to your overall sound.


Jupiter: guaranteed through graduation


A staple in classrooms everywhere, Jupiter band instruments are beloved by music teachers for good reason. Since 1980, the company has built high-quality band instruments for students of every development level. Innovations such as the Waveline flute headjoint and the patented Ergonomic trombone are just two examples of the company’s player-centered design philosophy. Each Jupiter instrument is inspected for quality throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring it can endure bumps and bruises as easily as navigating technical passages. Sweetwater believes that every student should have access to the rich musical culture that unites us all. And with Jupiter’s player-first focus, anyone is welcome to embark upon an exciting and fulfilling musical journey through high school graduation and beyond.


Bell Width

  • 11.88″


  • Yellow Brass

Rotor Linkage

  • String Linkage


  • Double


  • Geyer Style

Jupiter JHR-1110 Double French Horn

SKU: JHR1110
$5,289.00 Regular Price
$3,969.00Sale Price
  • A Step-up French Horn with Pro Features

    Packed with professional features, the Jupiter JHR1100 will take advancing students through their collegiate education. This step-up double French horn boasts a rose brass leadpipe for consistent tone and resistance throughout the instrument's entire range, while its .472-inch bore ensures a warm, ear-grabbing sound that guarantees inspired practice sessions. You'll appreciate the added brightness and broad tonality of the JHR1100's Geyer wrap, while an 11.88-inch brass bell yields everything from mellow, soft passages to brassy, loud passages. The JHR1100's clear-lacquered finish brings a delicate warmth to your overall sound, and a precision mechanical linkage system ensures a responsive performance experience. French horn players searching for a top-of-the-line intermediate French horn need to look no further than the Jupiter JHR1100.