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Your child needs your support. . .

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Don't quit on them! When your child has learned something new and is excited about showing you or playing it for you. . . take the time out of your hectic life, to stop and give a listen. Be sure to show them that you take a genuine interest and positive encouragement. Learning a musical instrument is NO EASY TASK! Let them know you're proud of them. . . no matter how squeaky or brutal it may sound. Remember, IT WILL GET BETTER!

Throughout the years, research and case studies have proven the benefits of music education. The gifts of studying music include: Creative problem solving, Controlled concentration, Developed motor skills, Greater emotional expression, Acquired skills in the art of self-discipline, Raised social status, Creative interaction with other people, Raised awareness of art, beauty and more. These skills are as basic and useful as any other skills taught in school.— Allen Vizzutti from The Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method

"Ten-Year Study Shows Music Improves Test Scores Regardless of socioeconomic background, music making students get higher marks in standardized tests."

The challenge of the first few months Equipment should be of quality that offers the greatest assistance. Many beginners fail in the early stages because the instrument supplied is not in good playing condition or does not have the necessary properties to make it play with ease. Don't make the mistake of buying a cheap, no name instrument thinking that you're better off saving some money! You're not! Spending the money on a quality, adjustable, repairable musical instrument from a reputable company and rented or sold through a reputable dealer makes terrific sense! If you don't believe us. . . ask your child's band or orchestra teacher!
The website "Music Parents Guide" has some terrific info on how to help your child stick with it!

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